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Trap Soundfonts ( Old vs New )

By August 27, 2016 No Comments

Trap Soundfonts ( Old vs New )

Soundfonts technology made by a company named EMU has been used for many years. The technology is old and so You can find many soundfonts online that are old from Motif to Phantom Synths. If you search online for soundfonts you may find some soundfonts sold and you may find some soundfonts that are old and free. Instruments and more can be found. But does that mean they are of quality? NO. There are many soundfonts out there that coudlve been made better.


We provide NEW soundfonts in the styles of Hip Hop, Trap, Electro and more. We have recorded real Pianos in different micing positions and acoustics. We have quality processed and Normalized sampling sessions that make us a worldwide leader in creating the best soundfonts available online.  Our inventory of soundfonts right now is rather small but will grow in time.

Some of our Soundfonts


more information on New Soundfonts coming soon! Also coming soon articles on Kontakt Instruments.


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