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Metro Boomin Inspired Reason ReFill Now Released!

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Metro Boomin Inspired Reason ReFill

The Metro Boomin Inspired Reason ReFill is one of the first and Top asked for ReFills in 2015 and 2016 and we answered the call. Many Reason Users need sophistication in their Synth patches and refuse to use the same ole recycled patches. We have crafted a ReFill full of warm professional trap sound that has the influences of Metro Boomin, 808 Mafia and Future. With 563 Sounds that include “MASTERED” Synths , Drums, and Bass , there’s no way you’re not going to pump out ridiculously hot bangerz! Mastered combinators with compression, eq, and stereo imagry give you the advantage of simply creating sick beats and not even having to tweak much. Just have an overall hot sound! You wont be able to stop making sick beats!

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“This REFILL is Heavy weight!”

Here are the Metro Boomin Reason ReFills details below:

In this intricate and electrifying ReFill you will find the same type of sounds that Metro Boomin uses including Ufo sounds, Wobbly sounds, Pads, delayed textures, and more. the ReFill also boasts amazing mastered Trap and dirty South Bass and crisp 808s. Theres also Instruments like Strings, bells, Brass, Pianos and more!

Total Sounds:     563 groundbreaking Sounds!

Note:   The combinators are mastered and Stereo Imaged. They are programmed to make tweaking and mixing easy. So all you have to do is create!


  • Mastered Drum Kits: 221 Drums in total!
  • Mastered Bass:  Mastered Bass doesnt need tweaking to live in the mix with other sounds because they dont battle with other sounds at mid range or high range and are not muddy. they are crisp and clean! Just open them and make hot beats.
  • Mastered Combinators: 104 Patches
  • Subtractor Patches: 12
  • Thor Patches: 63
  • Nn-XT Patches:  152
  • Malstrom Patches: 11


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