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Ok so we have been paying close attention to what modern producers have been searching for. We know what you would like in Free Kits, presets and Sound libraries. We know what you seek in Premium Reason ReFills, Kontakt Instruments, Ableton Sound Kits, FL Studio Kits, And drum Kits as well.

We have a great inventory of some of the best Reason ReFills online and Drum Kits. But we are also working hard on developing more premium Kits. We would also like to announce that we currently on working on a few free kits as well.

We will have some new Free Combinator Patches, Free Thor Patches, Free drum Kits, Free Trap Dum kits, Free Reason ReFills, and Free kontakt Instruments very soon.

So you definitely want to keep checking. We also will be implementing a subscription like we did before. New Free Reason ReFills 2016 to come as well as Free Drum Kits 2016 to come. Stay Tuned.


In the meanwhile have a quick look at our shop.



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