Download Instructions


Payment and Instruction: After paying via your payment method, ( paypal, credit/debit, etc ), You need to click on return to merchant.
It will take you back to the checkout page again. There you will see a download link labeled as “download” and a zip link.

Tip: The best thing to do is not x out of any pages. If you do or you experience internet issues during your transaction, Please contact us right away. Our Support Team will take care of it. You will receive an email with the proper instructions for your download.

Orders and downloads: Your Orders and downloads will appear in your account page.

Email:  If you didn’t get to your download and you left the page, fear not. Our system has sent you an email with your download link. Don’t take to long. after a while it will reset. check your spam folder if you don’t see it in your main folder.

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