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Dubstep Styles:
Yes, there are Dubstep styles.
Here are some examples:

Classic Dubstep











Classic Dubstep
That Wobbly bass, Wobbly sound effects,
glitch sounds, twitches, breaks

Lo-FI touch to it
Noisy, distorted, grungy

Drums can play differently here than classical Dubstep.
It gives off a little bit of Drum and Bass feels.

There is a touch of Robostep in this
subgrenre but youll find
more wobbles here than Robostep
Change in tempo to wubbs also appear here.
But… its filthy. LOL

Wubb wubb and wobble is the focus on
this dubstep style boasts tons of
LFO filled synths, Screeches, scratches,
and even wobbled Keys.
It not only about wobbles, It brings alot of bendy synths too.
Do you use Moog style presets or Moog hardware?
Cause that can work here.

But heres something you may not know.
Wobblestep can chamilian many genres, even westside hiphop.

Try this out mayne, … Do any kind of drum beat and then add
some wobb woob wubble and bendy stuff, and you’ll be
surprised on the type of Wobblestep you can come up with.

Glitches are quick.
Hi pitched Glitches,
Hi Pitched synths heavy bass, and Wobbles,

Chillstep is exactly what the
name sounds like. Almost neo like.
Very chilled tones.
Some people dont even use drums anymore on
this genre. But drums can be used in softened ways
so this genre to stay chill.
Many people use reverb on the drums
to keep the serenity of these types of beats.

More rapid in tempo
Choppy breaks and lo-freq synths live here.
It gives off sci fi robo feel
from metal funk, drum and bass,
neurofunk and dubstep feels displaying its
roots in an almost obvious way.

Can we say Gated Robo talk?
How about rusty Robo necks?
How about grungy robotic gated intestinal organs.
Thats what comes to mind when listening
to Robostep.
It has simplistic breaks and transitions at times,
and at times it has risers that come to screaching Robo
guts spewing out from it’s stomach.

It does have some wobbles but it’s not the focus.
Repetition of these Robo elements I spoke of earlier
is what takes the forefront.

Techstep has integrations of the following,
techy sounds, rapid metalic sounds,
it stems from techno which is why the drums sounds like
techno rooted lines.

One can even get away with doing a Drum and Bass
beat, or an old school hip hop beat, speeding it up,
and adding some noisy distorted bendy or wobbly synth
and cook up some interesting techstep beats.

Now this is where we mashup Depth Heavy Metal, Wobble Dubstep,

This is straightup Dubstep with a Reggae mix.
Kinda obvious right?

For a groovey feel, dont just think youre going to do a hard dubstep beat
and add Reggae elemnts to it, although that would be
badazz too.

Everything is Irie with ganjastep so keep it kool
when producing this.

When someone asks, “How you stay?” your beat should be saying,
“Mi Irie”

Think of chillstep, with a little Darc Acid,
Dubstep drums, dronish tones, slight techstep,
transitioning from each feel in one track or
just mashing it up will make listeners not sure whats going on
but thats the point of halfstep.
It can be aggressive or chill or both at the same time.

It’s just about the only time when halfstepping is kool.

Post Dubstep has a chill but future feel with ambient tones,
and future garage roots.

What can we find here?
Wubbles, Wobbles, Bends, Shape shifting , eye shifting,
repetitive stabs, Ganja touches and transitions,
Dub beats, trap beats make rappers wanna drop a 16 real quick. Even singers and pop artists are toying with this,
including Brostep.
Yes, Brostep and Gorestep are interchangeable.
Take that as it is.

What we found interesting here was the change ups in Drumbeats. Getting creative with tempo changes, beat type changeups, and drops can be fun.
You can even use soca drums here.

Brostep has an influence of hip hop,
break music, but even the modern Brostep beats
sound like a hard Hip hop beat got splashes
with a touch of Wobblestep and a bit of painted
modern dutch house or electronica of some sort.

Don’t get it twisted though. A good way to approach
this subgenre when producing is starting with
a Classic Dubstep drum beat and adding what sounds like a 1980s
Nintendo synth line.

Try it, and it will blow your mind how many ideas come to mind.
Then try transitioning to some hard repetitive gated stuff and back to
wobbles again with the 1980s melody again.

Brostep Example

Dubstep, meets Jungle, meets Filthstep, meets Breakbeat,
and Drum and Bass.

This a great salad source of WobbleStep,
Harstep, Halfstep, Brostep, with tempo changeupss

Drumstep Example

Also known as dubwoofer,
This Dubstep subgenre can start
with melodic tones and reverbed drums
and then smacks with very heavy rythmic Synth melodies
that go hard AF. It gives Brostep feeling with
Subbasses that are delivered in variety.

Growls aftyer melodic riffs and loops? Yes please.

Substep Example

You know what? Because Dubstep is so versitile and there are so many
creative producers out there, we will definitely see more styles being spawned.
And we just can’t wait.

Hope you enjoyed this article. 

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