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What effect is Soundgoodizer?
Soundgoodizer is a stereo ‘maximizer-enhancer’ plugin.
It’s based on the Maximus soundprocess engine.
Notice right on the surface gui, it states,
powered by Maximus.

Soundgoodizer is a stereo 'maximizer-enhancer' plugin. It's based on the Maximus soundprocess engine.

Why do tracks, instruments or vocals sound huge when using
Because it’s actually doing some compression.

It uses saturation.


Heres a little trick:
Like we said before,
It’s based on the Maximus soundprocess engine.
So one little trick to understand soundgoodizer
and what it’s doing, is to open up
the Maximus Compressor and check out its parameters.
Look at what it does.

Maximus is a multiband compressor and it
can affect various parts of the frequency spectrum.

For instance,
You can make hi’s stand out, mids, or lows.


Is using Soundgoodizer good?
Is it OK to put Soundgoodizer on master?
As said before Soundgoodizer is good as
a mximizer-enhancer and helps eq control,
but it is not an all in one mastering tool.

It is not good practice to put this plugin
on everything. It’s not the A1 sauce of music production
like people think it is.


Ok, So when is it actually time to use the

It’s important to use it correctly.
Notice the presets range only from A – D
This means it has 4 compression presets.

It can work well for a range of music elements.
Leads, guitars, bass, vocals, etc.

Heres a simple way to look at this.
Use it > If it sounds good. Than it sounds good.

Dont stack them. Thats just horrible and youll get too
much compression which can muddy you up and take away
from your expected goals.

Don’t put it on the master channel.
It can make your mix sound unbalanced.
Be very cautious on what you place on your master track.


With that being said,
quite a few famous producers have used it.